Studia Logica conference Trends in Logic VIII

Buenos Aires 13-15 October 2010. 

Studia Logica conference Trends in Logic VIII will be held at Academia Nacional de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales, Buenos Aires, Argentina on October 13-15, 2010.

The conference subject:

"Lattice-Ordered Groups and MV-Algebras:  Interaction and Impact on Algebras of Logic"
The conference program will only consist of invited lectures. Due to the space limitations of the conference facilities, the number of participants will be limited.

Confirmed Invited Speakers (end of March 2010):

R. N. Ball (University of Denver, USA), M. Busaniche (National University of the Littoral, Argentina), A. Di Nola (University of Salerno, Italy), A. Dvurecenskij (Slovak Academy of Science, Slovakia),
N. Galatos (University of Denver, USA), J. Gispert (University of Barcelona, Spain), R. Grigolia (Tbilisi State University, Georgia), A. W. Hager (Wesleyan University, USA), W.C. Holland (University of Colorado, Boulder, USA), Tomasz Kowalski (University of Cagliari, Italy) V. Marra (University of Milan, Italy), J. Martinez (University of Florida, USA), W. McGovern (Bowling Green State University, USA), G. Metcalfe (University of Bern, Switzerland), D. Mundici (University of Florence, Italy), H. Ono (Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Japan), A. Paoli (University of Cagliary, Italy), C. Tsinakis (Vanderbilt University, USA).

Program Committee:
R. Cignoli (Buenos Aires University)
W. C. Holland (University of Colorado, Boulder)
J. Malinowski (Studia Logica)
J. Martinez (University of Florida)
C. Tsinakis (Vanderbilt University)

Consortium for Order in Algebra and Logic
Argentinian Academia Nacional de Ciencias Exactas, Físicas y Naturales
Studia Logica

Conference contact person: Constantine Tsinakis
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